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Our unique 10 steps cleaning process applies negative air pressure source removal when cleaning the HVAC conveyance system. This cleaning procedure is the BEST effective source removal method currently available. Our certified technicians practice furnace & air duct cleaning in accordance with NADCA Guidelines and Code of Ethics. See Our Customer Duct Cleaning NJ Reviews Here!

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Did you know that Air Duct Cleaning can improve heating & air conditioning system efficiency, lower utility bills, reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, & increase life span? Did you know that every time you run the home or commercial HVAC system, airborne particles like dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, & pet dander are pulled in the return ducts? Over time, this contamination builds up inside the system, creating a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungi & microbes. Did you know that commercial coil cleaning on HVAC can improve airflow up to 90%? Did you know that the average cost of Professional Air Duct Cleaning performed by a NADCA certified company can cost from $450 & up? Read More!!


DRX DUCT LLC leads the trade in solving Indoor Air Quality projects within commercial business environments of the New Jersey Area. When it comes to commercial environments there is an overwhelming amount of scenarios where Duct Cleaning NJ and IAQ preventive maintenance programs are needed to provide a healthy working environment. Sick building syndrome and air quality environment related illness is used to illustrate the harmful healthiness effects and sicknesses related to the time spent inside a building. Our combined 30 years of experience will set us apart from many companies in our industry; Prompt. Professional. Perfection.

Our commercial & industrial services range from restaurants, hotels, food plants, banks, hospitals, laboratories, government buildings, high rise building, and all the way down to a small office space as well. We are OSHA trained, with written safety manuals, and able to work in confined space as well. DRX DUCT is licensed and certified by the NADCA. We have a highly trained workforce, and place an emphasis on professionalism. Our worksites are clean, safe, and drug & alcohol free. Our employees are outfitted with state of the machinery, tools, equipment, and procedures capable of handling any project. Feel free to contact us for any references. Call us a free onsite estimate for commercial duct cleaning NJ service.

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